A Collection
of Givers and Takers
... their place in America and WWII GIs struggled to stay alive.  Some horror, subtle and not so subtle.
... retirement years.  She wants to travel; he wants to open a mom and pop fishing resort in Missouri’s Ozarks.
“We’ll call it Sal’s hideaway, a quality retreat for the sports-minded,” Sal tells Rose.  “I’ll be the fishing and hunting guide.  You can do the cleaning and cooking.  After we get settled, I’ll teach the finer techniques of pie making.  You can start a little side business to support those extras you’re always wanting.”
“Stop it, Sal.  You’re killing me.”
“More like giving you a reason to live.  Think second careers for both of us.  Ain’t we always been good at making a living?  Although I sometimes wonder where all the money went.”
Surely there must be a way to work this out.  After all, isn’t that what marriage is about—the art of compromise?
"The Baker's Wife"
... to a lovely pensione in Florence.  There, a clever artist agrees to depict the Dragos not as they look now but how they appeared in their prim.  Warning:  it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.