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Book 2 in the Savino Sisters Mystery Series Regrets to Die For
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Historical Fiction (Sagas)
Family Deceptions
Chicago’s Headmistress
The Family Angel

Mysteries (Contemporary and Historical)
Lethal Play
From the Savino Sisters Mystery Series
   Italy To Die For (Book 1)
   Regrets To Die For (Book 2)
   Not Worth Dying For (Book 3) 
   (Released March 2018)

New Adult (Crime, Coming of Age, over 18)
 Free Danner
Thirty-something sisters, Ellen and Margo Savino, discover there’s more to Italy than the typical tourist destinations when they check out their family roots in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Their grandmother Clarita, who now lives in St. Louis, was only eighteen when READ MORE ...
Family Deceptions
Chicago's Headmistress
A prequel and partial parallel to the Italian/American generational saga, The Family Angel, Chicago’s Headmistress also reads well as a stand-alone.  Every story has more than one side and within a generational saga many stories link and overlap.  Loretta Giacoletto tells this from the perspective of two of The Family Angel’s  most intriguing READ MORE>>>
Lethal Play
The Famil Angel
Recently widowed and financially strapped Francesca Canelli doesn’t
even like Coach Meredith.  She hates herself for accepting his proposition:  compromise her standards to assure
her son a coveted position on St. Louis’ premier youth soccer team – his golden opportunity for for a college scholar-ship, the dream... once shared with
A sequel and partial parallel to Chicago's Headmistress.  Petty bootlegger Carlo Baggio is enjoying the good life in Prohibition Chicago until he takes a bullet for his wayward brother.  Carlo is ready to cash in his chips until he encounters a cocky Black Angel who convinces him  ...otherwise.  Later the angel 
From the Savino Sisters Mystery Series
Italy To Die For
Free Danner
Too much togetherness spells disaster for two thirty-something sisters vacationing in Italy.  When glamorous Margo opts for a steamy romance in Florence, plain-Jane Ellen sticks to their original plan and travels alone to the next destination, a charming hillside villa overlooking La Spezia.  She accepts ... the offer of her host
Free Danner really is free, after spending the best years of his young life in Juvy Detention for what the judge termed an unspeakable act and Danner considered one of mercy.  Now he’s determined to find the dad who doesn’t know he exists.  One thing’s for sure:  this is not The Maury Provitch Show; it’s ...Danner’s.  And he figures